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A dry and very fresh muscat that comes from a single vineyard, located at an altitude of 200m. The wine was named after its region of origin, Roya, which is one of the best terroirs for the production of dry muscat.

Fermentation takes place in small, stainless steel tanks to ensure production control. The wine has a bright, light yellow colour, with golden hues, typical of Samos muscat. It brings floral and fruity aromas to the nose, notably those of citrus, apricot and rose. It is rich to the mouth, with strong flavours of tropical fruits, melon, pineapple and lime.

This unique combination of richness, acidity and freshness, topped up with a twist of the exotic, makes it one of the best dry muscat wines of Samos.

Nopera 'Roya' Dry Muscat

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