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This wine is the epitome of the efforts that have been put into the white muscat making.
It is a blend from specially selected barrels and aged wines coming from different terroirs, that are left to age in french oak barrels. NOPERA oenologists combine different vintages, with regard to their complexity, aiming at the making of this truly exceptional sweet white muscat.

It is a limited production wine, that evokes memories of the ancient, rich Samian wines, encompassing both the philosophy and deep knowledge of NOPERA winemaking.

It has a dark, amber colour and a high complexity, with prune, coffee and caramel undertones. It is rich to the mouth, full of apricot, honey and cherry flavours and a fine but distinguishable acidity, that enables this perfectly balanced wine to elicit the uniqueness of the different terroirs, thanks to its prolonged aftertaste

Nopera 'Epitome' Sweet Muscat

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